Malaysia Visa Requirements - What You Need To Know

Flight to Borneo Malaysia is booked? Now you need to know Malaysia visa requirements!

Travelling overseas always seems like such an adventure especially when it is to such an exotic locale as Sabah located in Borneo Malaysia. However, you need to make sure that all your travel documents are in order because you do not want your holiday to end before it had begun.

Thus, you will need to know all about Malaysian visa when travelling to Sabah. This little guide will have lots of information that is pertinent towards making your entrance into Sabah go by without a hitch.

One interesting piece of information is the fact that everyone who enters Sabah must fill in the necessary immigration papers such as the Malaysia visa application form and have a valid passport.

Why is that so special, you wonder? This little gem harks back into the days of the formation of Malaysia.

It was a stipulation that everyone - except Sabahans themselves - would have to fill in immigration cards to enter the state even if they are natural born Malaysians.

On the other hand, Malaysia visa requirements for travelling to Sabah would differ greatly if you are from other countries. Obviously, non-Malaysians will have to apply for visas in order to get into Sabah itself. Take note though if you are from Commonwealth countries as well as from Ireland, Switzerland and Holland, you are not required to apply for the visa before arriving in Sabah.

Malaysia Visa Requirements

Upon arrival at Sabah, a preliminary visa will actually be granted for a maximum of 30 days. Anyone who wants to extend their stay beyond those numbers of days can apply for an extension at the immigration department in Kota Kinabalu which is the capital of Sabah.

Additionally, there are also other countries where their citizens are not required to apply for Malaysian visas if their travel to Sabah does not exceed 90 days. Of course, they would then have to ensure that their passports are valid for a minimum of 6 months else they might find themselves unable to enter into the beautiful state. Furthermore, those who reside in communist countries will only be granted shorter stay visas which are up to a maximum of 14 days while visitors from Israel are not allowed into the state.

For visitors from countries which require visas for entry into Sabah, tourists should definitely have all their travel documents in order before attempting to visit the state. An application for a visa will have to be made via the Malaysian embassy at their home country. This means that the visitor has asked for permission to enter into Malaysia.

Once approved, it then means that the applicant will now be able to enter Malaysia. Tourists though need to take note that even with a visa; it is not a 100% sure thing that they will actually be allowed into the country.

The last barrier would be at the immigration points where the officers will be responsible for looking out for suspicious behaviour. Those who genuinely are in the state for business or leisure need not worry though because there will be no foreseeable problems when trying to gain entry into Sabah.

Having said all that, it actually isn't difficult to obtain a visa in order to travel to Sabah. Much like any other country, there are rules and conditions that have to be met.

Once everything is in order with your malaysia visa requirements, the holiday will go very smoothly indeed. Just make sure that you have all the necessary travel documents that you require before entering Sabah. This includes arrival/departure cards that you can obtain from the airport or from your flight carrier.

Malaysia Visa requirements when travelling to Sabah are not stringent – just make sure that you have everything in place and you can look forward to a great vacation!

Download Malaysia visa application form for free at these sites:

Embassy Homepage

Make My Trip

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