Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary at Labuk Bay

The Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary in Labuk Bay is a hidden gem within Sandakan Malaysia. Ask any tourist who just stepped into the Borneo Island what they are expecting Borneo to offer them?

Answers would vary from the Borneo Hornbill to the Rafflesia flower.

However, you can be sure that the Proboscis Monkey Borneo is definitely one of their top must see before they leave Borneo.

Also known as Nasalis Larvatus, they are notable for their large prominent noses and extended bellies which give the impression that they are permanently pregnant.

Due to that, they are also known as the big nose monkey.

Their unique fur color - a pale grayish-yellow to reddish brown - has given them another name which is the "Dutchman Monkey".

So, where can you find the Proboscis Monkeys?

Labuk Bay is definitely the place where you are bound to see these unique apes which are only found in Borneo.

Due to the fact that the Proboscis Monkey Borneo's natural habitats are mostly swampy mangrove wetland or the river floodplain, the Labuk Bay Sanctuary is the most suitable place as it is in the heart of the mangrove forests of Semawang, Sandakan Malaysia.

Proboscis monkey Sanctuary

Feeding Time

The highlight of the sanctuary would be the feeding time. Besides the Proboscis Monkey, you might also be able to spot other species such as the Silver Leaf Monkeys or Macaques.

There are actually 4 groups in the sanctuary: 3 harems with a leading male and the fourth one is an all males group.

Each leading males of these harems are given names: Naruto, Sasuki and Jonathan. Putut, on the other hand, is the leading of the bachelor group. Come and find Jonathan munching his food at the platform or try to spot who are the leaders of the other group.

While you are waiting for the feeding time of the big nose monkey, you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee at the Nipah cafe. Meals are served as well with reasonable price.

 Big Nose Monkey

Enjoy the view around the cafe which is surrounded by tall Nipah trees and observe the monkeys' daily activities. You can even stay at the sanctuary if you want to find out the night life of Borneo's indigenous creatures.

Nipah Lodge

Nipah Lodge is the only accommodation just minutes away from the sanctuary and also the Nipah cafe that offers comfortable chalets or family houses to meet different visitors' needs.

For those who are more budget conscious, experience how the natives stays in their traditional houses with Nipah's two long-house style dormitories.

The resort also offers a variety of tours and one of them includes a tour of the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Santuary

Nipah Lodge

Admission Fees

Getting There

The Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary is near Kampong Samawang in Labuk Bay, Sandakan, Sabah. If you are travelling by rental car, travel along Jalan Labuk which is heading towards Kota Kinabalu and turn off at the SPS 3 junction at Mile 19.

The sanctuary is only 15 km further along the road. Alternatively, you can take a cab from Sandakan Town to the sanctuary.

However, if you are looking for less hassle, the sanctuary actually provides transfers, daytrips as well as overnight stays. You can also opt for a local tour operator if you think it is cheaper.

Come and fulfil your Sabah wish to spot these indigenous monkeys at Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary.

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