Pulau Layang Layang

Whenever someone mentions the words Pulau Layang Layang, diving enthusiasts would actually have an extra sparkle in their eyes. There are a staggering 14 dive sites at this little island - one trip would definitely not be enough to visit them all during your layang layang diving excursion.

However, this island is definitely worth a visit. This is not only due to the fact that it holds a vast array of wonders underwater such as the popular hammerhead shark. The beauty of the dry land is a sight to behold as well.

You would have literally not seen such clear waters as you can find in this spectacular Malaysia dive sites.

In fact, don't be surprised that you can see down to the sea bed closest to the beach even if you are not actually diving during your asia diving vacation.

Pulau Layang Layang


Of course, the number one draw of Pulau Layang Layang is the marine life.

A visit to these Malaysia dive sites would actually be remiss without getting a dunk underwater in order to see what actually goes on down below.

This little island is only six hectares but what makes it interesting is the fact that it is surrounded by an atoll which is approximately seven kilometres in length and two kilometres in width.

Anyone who has done any diving around the area during their Asia diving vacation will attest to the fact that you will be able to get the best view of the sea habitat simply because the water is unpolluted.

Price Range

Although you can still enjoy the beauty of Pulau Layang Layang without doing any diving, it must be said that the main reason this island is so popular is due to the fact that its dive site is one of the best in the world.

As such, it would be a shame if you were not able to enjoy it.

Price wise, you would have to factor in the cost of getting to the island itself as well as having a guide with you when you are diving.

It really would differ depending on the agency that you are utilising for this dive trip. As always, safety is a priority so be mindful when making your decision.

Off The Beaten Path

It might not be such a huge secret anymore but did you know that you can readily see hammerhead sharks while diving?

Hammerhead Shark

This is practically the best place in the world for you to get up close and personal with these types of sharks. This is especially so if you plan your dive holiday between the months of March and July.

Of course, hammerhead sharks are not your only worthy sighting while you are Layang Layang diving..

Be amazed at the growth of coral around the atoll as well as the wide variety of stingrays, turtles as well as the ever elusive sun fish.

How To Get There

There are two main ways for you to get to this secret island. You can either opt for a flight into Pulau Layang Layang or a leisurely cruise.

If you only have a short time on the island, I would definitely suggest going for the plane because it would only take about 2 hours to get there. However, a cruise is always a great idea because it will give you another type of holiday enjoyment.

Do take note that the cruise will last for 16 hours so those who aren't the sea faring type might want to opt for the alternative.


There is a good reason why Pulau Layang Layang is often cited as one of the best dive sites in the world.

Crystal clear waters and the opportunity to swim with the sharks, this little island is a secret no longer.

However, you can still expect unpolluted waters and less of a crowd during any time of the year.

Been to Pulau Layang Layang?

Are you an avid diving fan and have experienced Pulau Layang Layang? We'd like to hear from you! Share your experiences with fellow divers here.

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