Sabah Chinese Food - traditional local Sabah favourites

Sabah Chinese Food is made up a myriad of dishes varying from spicy to non spicy and mostly, non halal too.

Due to the large number of Chinese people living on Borneo Island, Chinese food is almost as spread in the region as the traditional local Sabah favourites!

As there are a whole variety of choices to choose from, we have listed them down here, along with the location on where you can find these dishes to help you out, while you enjoy the beauty of Sabah without worrying about food!

Sabah Chinese Food 1 : Beaufort Noodles

Meal #1 : Beaufort Noodles with fish fillet and char siew
Beaufort Noodles is a one of a kind noodle that can only be found in - Beaufort.

It is similar to Cantonese Mee, only with more seafood and pork meat.

It is also served with a generous amount of crunchy and fresh Chinese greens!

Dishes are said to be prepared using pork lard instead of oil which makes it taste amazingly delicious. It is also occasionally served with an omelette to complete the Beaufort Noodle experience!

Available at:

1: Restoran Beaufort
Address :
Shop No.1, Ground Floor, Taman Mesra, Penampang, Sabah Malaysia
Phone : +6016 881 2323 (Richard)

2. Yu Hing Restaurant
Address :
City Mall (left corner of mall, outdoor) S-0-20, Block D, City Mall, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Phone : 088-484747

Sabah Chinese Food 1 : Fish Head Noodles