Sarawak Adventure

A Sarawak adventure should be the next travel adventure on your list. This is because as the largest state in Malaysia, most parts of Sarawak are not even fully explored yet.

It is safe to say that it has unspoilt natural beauty here, considering the fact that most parts of Sarawak are unpopulated.

This is why it is a great place to come and sink your adventure seeking teeth in.

With so many things to choose from, one is spoilt for choice when seeking adventure in Sarawak.

However as your Sarawak travel guide, we advice that you fully equip yourself with the necessary items needed during your Sarawak adventure , like an adventure first aid kit, basic medicines, comfortable spare shoes or even a torchlight maybe.

Got your adventure bag ready? Here is a list of the many adventures awaiting you in Sarawak.

Climbing Up Mount Murud

Mount Murud

To locals, this is a holy place, known as the place where miracles happen. Which is why they have made a Church Camp here.

Locals come to Mount Murud for pilgrimage and so do some tourist who have heard of its significance.

Mount Murud forms part of the Kelabit Highlands. It is the highest mountain in Sarawak at a height of 2,434 metres above sea level. 

It is also located in the Pulong Tau National Park and is possibly home to the Sumatran Rhinoceros, Orang Utan’s, rare orchids and many more exotic beings.

For the adventure seeker, there are various mountain climbing tours available for you. The locals serve as your guide.

The local authority will be informed of your presence. Dedicate around 4 days to your Mount Murud adventure. 

Gunung Mulu National Park

Mulu National Park

Gunung Mulu National park is a park dedicated to the conservation of Mulu Caves.

Given the status of World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is famous for the Mulu Caves Project. Many scientists have come here to explore the beauty of these caves.

It is synonym with the word adventure caving as people come from all around the world to see how thousands of years of limestone formation has turned out to be.

The caves are one of the oldest of its kind in the world.

The Gunung Mulu National park is an amazing place also for water kayaking, with the normal kayaking adventure lasting for about 2 hours.

It is complete with a local guide. Even a beginner adventure lover would find it irresistibly thrilling.

Boat Ride On The Rajang River

Sarawak Adventure

Rajang River is the longest river in Malaysia, with a 563 km length that starts from the Iran Mountains through Kapit and ending in the South China Sea.

Home to exotic crocodiles and catfish, the boat rides are quite safe, with guides on the boast with you who will give you a local taste of the river.

On your boat ride you will be able to glimpse longhouses and their occupants. They are all a friendly lot.

As you pass the deep rainforests, you will hear sounds of exotic birds and monkeys calling each other. This is adventure you don’t want to miss.

Market Adventures in Satok

Satok Weekend Market

As it’s nearby Kuching and is one of the busiest part of Sarawak, with residential areas and business markets, Satok is more of a shopping adventure.

The Satok market is a must to visit place.

From food to handicrafts, you bet you'll probably gain a few kilograms upon checking out from Sarawak!

It’s the best place to taste local food and is also the best place to meet the locals because it’s a weekly event for the locals too to visit this market at least once a week.

Batang Ai National Park

Batang Ai Lake

Batang Ai national park is the largest park dedicated to the conservation of rainforest. It is home to the Orang Utan and various other flora and fauna.

There a various homestays available here. The adventure packages will take you for boat rides and also on visits to the local community houses, also known as a longhouse.

When you talk to the locals, you will realise how integrated they are with nature, as there are various stories of how animals and plants have played an important role in their evolution.

So, there you go. I hope your Sarawak adventure is one that you will never forget, in a good way.

By packing all your essentials and being prepared for any adventure is the key to having fun.

Leaving you with a final tip - Always have a spare pair of shoes and clothes at hand. Until then; have a jolly great time in Sarawak! 

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