Sarawak Islands

If you’re planning to visit one of the Sarawak Islands this is a must to read. Your Sarawak holidays are incomplete without visiting one of the island in Sarawak. This is because Malaysia is all about heat, islands and seafood.

Sarawak is home to one of the best kept beaches in the world, plus one of the cleanest and greenest waters. Green and blue waters rich with reefs are one of the treats you’re in for on your Sarawak Holidays.

Your Sarawak holidays offer you a retreat far away from the busy life of the metropolitan that we are so used to, where you can enjoy quite moments with your loved ones. 

Sarawak also happens to be the greenest states in Malaysia as most of it is untouched and unpolluted lush green tropical forests.

Here is a list of some one the best islands in Sarawak.

Santubong Island

Santubong Island

If you’re in Kuching, then the Santubong Island is one of the most convenient place to visit.

Approximately 20 minutes from Kuching town and 40 minutes from the airport, this is an island rich with diversity.

The beautiful beaches have amazing resorts that fulfil all your needs. Santubong is also home to Mount Santubong, which is surrounded by one of the best kept rainforests.

It is a Sarawak island complete with mangrove forests, rivers and home to one of the rarest creatures on earth.

Talang Talang Island

Talang Talang island

This island is home to the Talang Satang National Park, a conservatory dedicated to conserving Sarawak’s marine turtle population.

You will need to obtain permission before you are allowed to dive here, for conservatory purposes of course.

It would be worth the trouble of course because if you’re lucky, then you’ll be able to spot The Green, The Hawksbill and Oliver Ridley turtles.

The Talang Talang Island is truly a nature lovers retreat.

Salang Island

Sarawak Islands

This is also another Sarawak Island which is part of the Talang Satang National Park.

An island best known for snorkelling, it is a lush tropical island with white sandy beaches.

Not only will you get a glimpse of turtles, but also little colourful fish and corals which are close to the beach.

This Sarawak island is uninhibited, which makes it perfect for your retreat away from the city. Your Sarawak holidays are incomplete without a visit to this beautiful island.

Bruit Island

Bruit Island

This island in Sarawak happens to be the second largest island in Malaysia. It has a population of approximately 30,000 people.

Located near Mukah, it is 150km away from Kuching, the main city of Sarawak.

To get here, you can take a ferry ride from Mukah, Daro town, Tanjung Manis and Sibu town.  It’s mainly known as a fishing island, with a number of fishing villages around it, especially the western side which faces the South China Sea.

Bruit Island also happens to be a waterbird haven. So if you love birdwatching, you’d love it here.

Patok Island

Birdwatching in Sarawak

This island is home to Bruit National Park, where migratory birds are often spotted, when it is winter in most parts of the world.

This is a true bird lover’s paradise. The best time to visit this island would be when its winter in most countries.

This island is also a great destination for fishing enthusiasts. With fishing villages all around the island, it is known to be one of the best fishing destinations in Asia.

Get your fishing buddies ready for an amazing adventure

An island retreat is always a great way to break away from the busyness of everyday. A Sarawak island retreat will provide you with that much needed break, with a variety of islands to choose from.

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