Sarawak Transport - Getting Around Sarawak

When you talk about Sarawak transport, keep in mind that Sarawak is the biggest state of Malaysia with most part unchartered and unpopulated. Having said so, there are a variety of transportation methods in Sarawak.

Not every tourist who comes to Malaysia affords to spend money on expensive methods of transportation and most of the transport in Malaysia is affordable. 

Sarawak Transport is rather traditional in comparison Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia but the actual fun of going to Sarawak is to experience life as the locals do.

Therefore, try to incorporate the most exciting ways of travelling around Sarawak.

Here is a list of transportation methods in Sarawak.

Airport in Sarawak

Kuching International Airport

The only way you can travel to Sarawak from anywhere in the world (with the exception of Sabah, Borneo and Indonesia) is via aeroplane.

You can expect to get amazingly low rates provided you book much in advance.

The airport in Sarawak that has the most number of travellers is the Kuching International Airport (KIA).

Enough stress cannot be given to the fact that Sarawak is largely unpopulated and unchartered as well.

Therefore, airport in Sarawak plays an important role for those who can afford air travel, to get around the state.

This is a favourite amongst businessmen and tourist who need to get around fast and conveniently. The need to be connected to West Malaysia is also one of the reasons why airports were built in Sarawak, further enhancing and easing transport in Malaysia.

There are many small and private airports in Sarawak, but some of the larger ones are the Miri Airport,  the Sibu airport and the Bintulu Airport.

Then there are the Short Take-Off and Landing Airports or also known as STOL’s. These airports provide a method of communication for rural areas for matters such as food and health.

Car Rental Sarawak

Car Rental Sarawak

If you’re looking for privacy and the destinations you plan to visit are all connected via road, get a car on rental.

With all the divisions and districts in Sarawak connected through road, Sarawak Transport has come a long way. 

There are many car rental Sarawak companies which provide a wide range of cars at your disposal.

Equip yourself with a good map, which you will be able to find at the airport when you reach Sarawak or get it from your car rental company.

Have fun exploring and don’t be shy to ask someone for directions if you feel you’re lost. The locals are very friendly and would not hesitate to help.

Hop On A Bus

bus service in Sarawak

One of the best ways to learn and explore local cultures is when you take the local transport, in this case the public bus service.

It’s not the kind of bus you’ll see in New York City, but it’s enough to take passengers around town.

If you plan to go to Pontianak, Indonesia, or Brunei from Sarawak, then you’re in luck. There is a bus service which can take you there.

Ride On The Ferries

Ferries are widely available in Sarawak. As most civilisations were built near rivers, you will find ferries connecting you to many places of tour interest.

If you are in Kuching town, then you will be able to see ferries taking people across the river.

Boating In Sarawak

Boating in Sarawak

Sarawak is best seen through its rivers. It is one of the best Sarawak transport ever.

Once you are within the deep jungles, you will be able to see nature in all its shining glory.

You can opt for viewing boat rides, which offer only tours of certain rivers, or you can use these boat rides to connect you from one place to another, for your next adventure.

We have listen down the various methods by which you can travel in Sarawak. The method of Sarawak transport that you select should enhance your vacation. Enjoy your experience to the fullest. Everything is an adventure, live it.

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