Sarawak Wildlife and Nature

When you talk about Sarawak wildlife, you can be sure that it will truly mesmerise you.

As Borneo Malaysia nature tourism is one of the best in the world, with one of the best kept rainforests in the world, it is truly Asia.

Borneo Malaysia nature tourism is an absolute treat for nature lovers, with unpolluted caves, rivers in the midst of heavy rainforest and plants you have never seen before nor will you see anywhere else, visiting Sarawak is a must to do thing at least once in your life time.

Set your heart on visiting Sarawak? 

Here is a list of things you can do or will see in your Borneo Malaysia nature tourism that will make your Sarawak experience unforgettable.

The Bearded Pig

Bearded Pig

The bearded pig is also known as the Bornean bearded pig, is a main attraction of Borneo.

It is so popular that zoos around the world have them. This unique animal is found mainly in Southeast Asia. 

Its natural habitat is in rainforests and mangrove forests, so don’t be shocked to see it during one of your river adventures or while your jungle tracking.

Rare Rafflesia


The rafflesia flower is native to Borneo.

Although it is a flower, the rafflesia has no stems or actual root. Instead it’s actually a parasite which is found in rainforests and happens to be the biggest flower in the world.

Its entire lifespan is rather long, considering that its budding period to flowering alone is takes around 6 to 9 months. Yet, this flower is nearing the endangered list, as its reproduction is quite difficult. 

Its best viewed in the quiet serenity of Sarawak’s rainforest, its actual habitat.

The Amazing Gua Niah

Gua Niah

Considered to be the pride and joy of Sarawak, the Gua Niah or also known as Niah Caves is a true Sarawak wildlife adventure.

Located in The Niah National park, Miri, Sarawak, it is part of the Gunung Subis Limestone Complex.

It consists of around 1 kilometer long and half kilometer wide of limestone, which makes it one of the biggest limestone caves in the world.

When you enter the cave it actually transports you back into history. Some historians have actually discovered that the history of this cave dates back to the prehistoric times, with monuments of prehistoric times, Neolithic ages, the Chinese Sung-Era and more recent usage of the caves have been documented.

Human remains as old as 40,000 years have also been discovered. So much more can be said. The list of things that makes these caves an amazing Sarawak adventure just go on and on.

The Ever Captivating Orang Utan

Orang Utan

The orang Utan is an iconic image of Borneo.

Borneo Malaysia nature tourism cannot exist without the conservation of this beautiful and intelligent animal.

You can find the Orang Utan in almost every main zoo of the world, but the best way to see this intelligent animal is in its natural habitat, the rainforest.

This is why the Semenggoh Wildlife Park is the best place to see this glorious animal, where efforts are made daily to conserve its existence.

The Great Hornbill

Sarawak Hornbill

Sarawak is known as the Land of the Hornbill.

As such your Sarawak wildlife adventure is incomplete without a view of this great animal.

To see it in the zoo is one thing, but to see it in the wild is another.

Many legends are associated with this great bird.

Come to Sarawak and hear some of these stories from the locals yourselves.


Sarawak Wildlife

Home to the longest river in Malaysia, Sarawak is also home to crocodiles, rather long ones too. 

Legend speaks of crocodiles so long and powerful, with the ability to overturn boats full of people. 

This is one animal best seen in captivity thought.

Parks such as Jong’s Crocodile Farm or the Kuching Zoo are the best venues to see this Sarawak wildlife.

We have tried to tell you briefly about the best of Sarawak wildlife and nature. Visit Sarawak today for an adventure of a lifetime, especially if you are a nature lover.

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