Weather in Borneo - When is it Best to Visit?

Weather in Borneo is equatorial, characterized by two main seasons – a wet one starting in November and ending in March and a dry one starting in March and ending in November.

During the wet season the island is windswept by the North-East monsoon, which carries with it large quantities of water and a high atmosphere pressure.

During the wet season rainfalls are significant and the weather is unstable.

However, even during the wet season there are parts of the day or entire days without rain, so that touristic activities can still be performed.

As for the temperatures, these usually drop with 2 degrees Celsius, ranging between 23 and 32 degrees.

The months of February and March are months of transition from the wet to the dry season. The winds change their direction and the rainfalls decrease their frequency and quantity.

From March until November the weather in Borneo becomes dry, the temperatures vary in between 25 and 36 degrees Celsius and the humidity from the air is slightly dropping to 70%.

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This is the best time for tourism in Borneo, as rainfalls are scarce, thus allowing tourists to take long walks, hike through the jungle or take unbeaten paths for bird watching and animal observation.

Also, during this time of the year, Borneo weather is favorable for diving, mount climbing and extreme sports such as white water rafting.

Coastal areas usually receive more rainfall during the year, probably because their vicinity with the sea. Also, the sea breezes can influence the weather in coastal regions.

Another particularity for Borneo weather is the inside, hilly region, where the amount of water falling is almost equal all year round, with a certain diminish of rainfalls from June to August as a result of the South Western winds.

If you plan to head towards the mountains, then you should be ready to face colder temperatures. On mounts with altitudes higher than 3000 meters, the temperature can go below 10 degrees Celsius all year round.

Also, before venturing on Mount Kinabalu it is recommended to ask the locals for advice and information on weather and weather changes as Borneo weather forecast is not significant for this part of the country.

Usually, temperature drop below 0 degrees Celsius on top of Kinabalu, so warm clothes are required before starting your ascension to the top.

Not planning to hit the mountains? Then you can pack light clothes for your exotic adventure. Choose comfortable clothing so that you can see and do as many things as possible. Also, make sure you have an umbrella or raincoat with you, just in case the weather in Borneo surprises you.

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